Get Rid of Ants in the Office, Once and for All

Spring and summer are prime ant seasons. As soon as it warms up, these tiny creatures begin moving about in search of food.  One of the best places to find food could be in office spaces. Once ants find a food source, they may begin rebuilding their colonies near these food sources. This means ants …

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Top 4 Millipede Prevention Tips in Georgia

Millipedes, the multiple-legged creatures that venture out at night, are never a fun surprise to find in or around your home. These pests can often be found in damp or dark places such as closets, attics, basements, or garages. Millipedes need moisture to survive and will move from place to place in search of moisture …

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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

At Pest Force, meeting the needs of customers is our top priority. In some instances, this means treating bed bugs in an environmentally friendly way. Pesticides are not always the right solution. Harsh chemicals in areas where people stay and live could be damaging.  Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t care about what they destroy, but we …

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K9 Bed Bug Detection

The discovery of bed bugs on the premises of any home, hotel, office, or other location can cause a bit of a panic. No one wants to hear the dreaded words, “It’s bed bugs.” Bed bugs can be difficult both to detect and get rid of. While there are services to treat bed bugs, one …

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Termites in Georgia: Signs, Damage, and Treatment

Termites will often live in your home’s interior or exterior for an extended period of time before you even notice their presence. Because of the nature of termites, whether they are drywood termites living deep within wooden structures, or subterranean termites burrowing underground, significant damage can be done before these pesky intruders are discovered. To …

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Bed Bugs in GA

Are you worried about a bed bug infestation? You’re not alone.  Just hearing the words “bed bugs” is enough to make anyone cringe.  Bed bugs, once inside a home or place of business, can be extremely difficult to get rid of.  Like any type of pests, it can require the services of expert pest control …

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