K9 Bed Bug Detection

The discovery of bed bugs on the premises of any home, hotel, office, or other location can cause a bit of a panic. No one wants to hear the dreaded words, “It’s bed bugs.” Bed bugs can be difficult both to detect and get rid of. While there are services to treat bed bugs, one of the best ways to be sure of the presence of bed bugs and to be confident they are gone for good after the fact is to rely on K9 bed bug detection services. The benefits of using dogs to detect bed bugs are numerous.


Bed bugs are notoriously good at locating impossible-to-find hiding spaces. To make matters worse, bed bugs will lay eggs and continue to multiply, and the eggs themselves can also be difficult to detect. Between eliminating live bugs and getting rid of their eggs, you can feel as though you are up against an impossible task of ridding your place of bed bugs. Thankfully, there is a solution that is guaranteed to get rid of those pesky bugs for good. K9 detection with the use of trained dogs provides accuracy in detecting both bed bugs and eggs. Using specially trained K9s that are certified and trained to locate the presence of bed bugs is both a safe and efficient way to say goodbye to bed bugs once and for all


The benefits of using a K9 bed bug detection service over the services of an exterminator are many. For one, K9 inspections can ensure bed bugs are detected early. Early detection helps determine a bed bug problem before it reaches the infestation stage, where the bugs can be seen with the human eye. At this point, the infestation can be pretty bad. 

To avoid letting it reach this point, schedule a K9 bed bug detection as soon as you even suspect there may be an underlying problem. Another added benefit of K9 detection services is locating specific infestation areas. The only way to completely rid a property of bed bugs for good is to locate each infestation and eliminate it. Because bed bugs are so difficult for humans to locate, this is where a trained K9 comes in that can sniff out bed bug infestations and their eggs. They can determine the specific rooms or areas of rooms where bed bugs are hiding to target problem areas and identify effective treatment options. Finally, a benefit of using dogs for sniffing out bed bugs is immediate results. Traps or other treatment methods are hit and miss. 

Bed bugs can climb around traps, and there’s just no real way of ensuring that bed bugs are gone for good with other options. However, with K9 detection, you will see immediate results as bed bugs are located in real-time so that immediate actions can be taken.


If your business is in need of a bed bug sweep, Pest Force can have options for you. 

We can eliminate the problem in no time at all. Once dogs have come in to sniff the premises and locate bed bug infestations, our team of experts will come in to exterminate the site. We also offer specialized solutions that can help prevent bed bug infestations in the future. The K9 bed bug detection services can be utilized monthly or quarterly to keep bed bugs away for good.

Don’t let bedbugs get the best of you. Contact PestForce today for more information about our K9 bed bug detection services.


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