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Tired of hearing scurrying sounds in your walls or spotting mouse droppings in your kitchen? You don’t have to put up with it anymore! At Pest Force, we’re experts at kicking rodents out of your home, so you can relax and feel comfortable again.

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Free inspection identifies the level of rodent populations and their access points to your home.

Custom treatment plans based on the specific rodent problem can help keep them out.


Regular inspections ensure there is no new rodent activity, giving you greater peace of mind.


Why Choose Our Rodent Control Services?

Safe and Effective Solutions for Your Home
We use specialized methods that are not only super effective at getting rid of rats, mice, and other rodents, but also safe for you, your family, and your pets. Say goodbye to those unwanted houseguests!
Long-Term Protection
Our job isn’t done until we’ve made sure those pesky rodents won’t come back. We offer long-term protection plans, sealing up entry points and setting up preventive measures to keep your home rodent-free for good.
Your Comfort and Safety Come First
We know that a rodent-free home is a comfortable and safe home. That’s why we make your safety and comfort our top priorities. No need to lose sleep over pests; we’ve got you covered.
Common Types of Rodents We Eliminate in Walton County, Georgia

Roof Rats

They live mostly outside, but they could enter your home.

Norway Rats

They live in fields, wooded areas, and vacant lots.

House Mice

They are found in almost every part of the country.

What are the risks of rodents in my home?

If you notice signs of rodents inside your house, you should act quickly. Rodents can cause serious problems, such as, disease, allergens, and rodent bites. An infestation of rodents can also cause property damage. If you suspect rodents are in your home, call Pest Force as soon as you can, so we can help get your problem under control.
Spread of Disease and Allergens

Rodents are known to carry a variety of disease-causing pathogens. Among these diseases, hantavirus is a virus in North America that is typically spread by certain types of rats and mice. A person or pet can become infected through exposure to rodent feces, urine, bites, or food that has been contaminated by rodents. You are at risk even if you are exposed to dust that has been contaminated with rodent droppings.

Rodent Infestation
If you see one rodent, there are likely more nearby. Rodents reproduce quickly, causing a population boom. An infestation of rodents creates a greater risk for disease and property damage. Seek out the aid of a pest control professional to help control your rodent problem.
Rodent and Flea Bites

While rodent bites are not very common, a rat or mouse may possibly bite if cornered. Rodent bites can directly transmit disease-causing pathogens, such as rat bite fever or Lassa fever. Rats also carry a variety of parasites – such as fleas and ticks – that can indirectly transmit disease-causing pathogens. For instance, if a pest that has fed on a rodent bites a human, it can spread pathogens that may cause diseases such as Lyme disease or Colorado tick fever.

Property Damage

Rodents can chew through wires and cause damage to wooden beams, metal or plastic pipes, and insulation in your walls. They are expert climbers and adept at finding ways to get into your stored food, including pet food. Rodents have strong teeth to gnaw their way through obstacles. Without professional help to control rodents, you risk damage to your property, including possible electrical fires due to chewed wires. 

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