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Have you recently found droppings in a cupboard or heard scurrying in the walls? If you think there is any chance mice or rats have entered your home, it is time to call Pest Force to check it out. Just a couple of mice can turn into hundreds within a year. If your Monroe or Loganville, GA home has been infested, your health and your home may be at risk.

Rats and mice are not only known for carrying disease, but also for their ability to cause structural damage to your home or business. They will chew on virtually anything, including your insulation and the electrical wires in your home. From chewing on those wires, rats can cause a serious fire hazard. Since their teeth are constantly growing, they are driven more by the desire to gnaw or chew than anything else.

Rats only require a dime-sized hole to enter from outside, and the damage from chewing is only part of the reason you don’t want mice and rats in your home. Rats leave behind urine and droppings wherever they go which can contaminate your food and also entice other rats or mice to join them in your house.
Mice and Rats are notorious for spreading the Bubonic Plague which wiped out a third of the population in Europe at one point. While the plague is now treatable with antibiotics, rats can still spread many diseases, including:
Hantavirus – This virus attacks the respiratory system, and there are currently no cures or vaccines. When nesting materials, droppings and urine from mice and rats are moved around or stirred up, this virus can become airborne. It also is spread through rat bites.
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis – Around 5% of mice in the U.S. carry this virus, and it can be spread from exposure to urine, droppings, nesting materials, saliva and bites. Although it is rare that this becomes life threatening, irreversible neurologic disease can occur.
Salmonella – Known around the world, this food-borne illness can cause serious damage to you and your loved ones. Although mice generally only eat a small amount of food in a day, they are known to contaminate up to ten times as much as they eat

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With all of the damage and disease that rodents can cause, you should call a professional right away if you suspect your home has been infested by mice or rats. Pest Force, LLC is a locally owned and family operated company servicing homes in Monroe, Loganville, GA & the surrounding areas. To receive pest control and extermination services without signing a contract, call us at 678-243-0731 today!
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