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Yard Services

Tired of swatting mosquitoes, dodging ants, and worrying about ticks in your own yard? At Pest Force, we make it easy for you to kick back and enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of these pesky invaders. We’re your go-to experts for yard services in Monroe, Georgia and surrounding areas.
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Mosquito Treatment

Take back your outdoor spaces with our effective mosquito treatment services. Our team utilizes targeted strategies to significantly reduce mosquito populations, making your yard a safer and more enjoyable place to relax. Learn More

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Ant and Mound Yard Treatment

Stop ants in their tracks with our targeted any and mound yard treatments. Our approach effectively eliminates any colonies and their mounds, reclaiming your yard and ensuring a pest free experience. Learn More

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Flea and Tick Management

Protect your family and pets with our comprehensive flea and tick management services. Our experts employ safe and effective strategies to eliminate these pests, creating a comfortable and itch-free environment in your home. Learn More

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Home Exterior Sealing & Exclusion

Fortify your home against unwanted visitors with our home exterior sealing and exclusion services. By identifying and sealing potential entry points, we ensure pests stay out, preserving the comfort and integrity of your home. Schedule an Inspection