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Pest & Termite

Got bugs or other critters bugging you at home in Loganville & Monroe, Georgia? Don’t let them ruin your day. Call us at Pest Force for quick and budget-friendly help. Whether you’ve got rats that keep you up at night or termites that are silently wrecking your home, our expert bug zappers are just a phone call away. We’ll tell you upfront how much it’ll cost, no sneaky fees. Just effective bug and rodent control to make your home comfy again.

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Preventative Routine Pest Control

Preventative Routine Pest Control Opt for our monthly and/or quarterly preventative pest control routines and keep your home or business safeguarded year-round. These consistent services are designed to provide peace of mind, effectively preventing infestations before they can begin. Request Quote

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Rodent Prevention and Control

Ensure your property stays rodent-free with our specialized rodent prevention and control services. We use proven strategies to deter and eliminate these pests, keeping your home or business safe, clean, and comfortable. Schedule an Inspection

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Mosquito Treatment

Take back your outdoor spaces with our effective mosquito treatment services. Our team utilizes targeted strategies to significantly reduce mosquito populations, making your yard a safer and more enjoyable place to relax. Request Quote

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Ant and Mound Yard Treatment

Stop ants in their tracks with our targeted any and mound yard treatments. Our approach effectively eliminates any colonies and their mounds, reclaiming your yard and ensuring a pest free experience. Request Quote

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Flea and Tick Management

Protect your family and pets with our comprehensive flea and tick management services. Our experts employ safe and effective strategies to eliminate these pests, creating a comfortable and itch-free environment in your home. Request Quote

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Home Exterior Sealing & Exclusion

Fortify your home against unwanted visitors with our home exterior sealing and exclusion services. By identifying and sealing potential entry points, we ensure pests stay out, preserving the comfort and integrity of your home.​ Schedule an Inspection

Year Round Pest Protection

We know how important it is to protect your home and family. We offer services that can be a one-time thing or regular check-ups to keep pests away. When we first come over, we’ll take a look at the problem and figure out the best way to get rid of those pesky bugs.
  • Initial comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and pest treatment.
  • Ongoing exterior treatments scheduled regularly.
  • If pests come back within 30 days of your initial treatment…
  • Thorough inspection to identify level of mosquito population and potential mosquito breeding sites.
  • Regular service during mosquito season.
  • Mosquito treatment begins working immediately and lasts for weeks between…
  • Thorough inspection to identify solutions for Pest, Termite, and Yard Services.
  • Monthly/Quarterly Management
Not sure what pests you have?

100% Happy Guarantee

Pest Force has a reputation for exceeding expectations and we offer a “100% HAPPY or you DON’T PAY A PENNY GUARANTEE!” Whether dealing with ants, rats, spiders, bees, fleas, ticks, well anything, we’ll gladly meet your residential or commercial extermination needs. Call us at (678) 243-0731 to book your visit and get your pest problem resolved! Choose a pest control company that gets the job done in Monroe, Loganville, GA and outlining areas.

DId you know?

Ants don’t have lungs; they actually breathe through tiny holes all over their bodies. But that doesn’t make them any less efficient at invading your kitchen!

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