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You’ve just climbed into bed after an exhausting day, and then you hear it – the pitter-patter of tiny paws on your wooden floorboards. Unnerved, you switch on the light and come face to face with a rat. You shriek. It scatters. Nobody in your house gets any rest.

Pest Force can stop the sleepless nights in Loganville & Monroe, Georgia. Contact our service oriented exterminators for prompt service at a fair and reasonable price. If you have a simple project, we can provide pricing over the phone. With no hidden contracts or fees, you’ll love Loganville & Monroe, GA’s preferred pest control company.

Send those ants marching out of loganville, ga and surrounding areas with our highly effective ant treatments.

Don’t wait until child or grandchild gets attacked by fire-ants! Pest Force provides ant treatment which will control and prevent ants & ant mounds in your yard. Typically treatment is applied in Spring and Summer and is extremely effective!

Call Pest Force At (678)243-0731 For Residential Pest Control In Georgia

Monthly Preventative Routine Pest Control
Quarterly Preventative Routine Pest Control
Rodent (rats, mice) control and prevention
Mosquito treatments
Ant and mound yard treatments
Flea and tick control
Home exterior sealing/exclusion
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