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How To Prevent Roaches in Your Georgia Home!

No matter how clean you keep your home, at some time or another you’re bound to see a roach in your house. Roaches don’t just go after dirty houses, although unclean spaces do attract more of them. In fact, you… Read More

are bed bugs found in retail stores pest force

Are Bed Bugs Found in Retail Stores?

More and more, bed bugs are being found in unexpected places, such as commercial buildings, including offices and even retail stores. Unfortunately, bed bugs are no longer just pests that invade homes or hotels. Businesses like furniture stores with mattresses… Read More

teacher helping to choose book her schoolgirl in school library. smart girl selecting literature for reading. books on shelves in bookstore. learning from books. school education. benefits of everyday reading. child curiosity

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Georgia Libraries

Surprisingly, bed bugs can be found almost anywhere nowadays, even in public libraries. Books can come back from a home infested with bed bugs, and those bed bugs may have hitched a ride from the home, meaning the bed bugs… Read More

springtime pests pest force

What Types of Pests Come Out in the Spring?

When the temperature begins to warm up, flowers bloom, the birds come out, and people begin to venture outdoors once again. But we are the only ones coming out for the spring. Unfortunately, Pests will also come out again in… Read More