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How to Prevent Roaches in your Georgia Home!

No matter how neatly you keep your home in the area around Monroe and Loganville, at some time or another you’re bound to see a roach in your house. Roaches don’t just go after filthy houses, although dirty spaces attract more of them. In fact, you can come across them even in the most luxurious of homes.

Roaches aren’t just an eyesore; they’re also unhealthy. They can cause dangerous complications for children and adults with asthma, and they can increase allergens in your home. Cockroaches can contaminate your food and increase the level of harmful bacteria in your house, and they can cause rashes and other allergic reactions.

Cockroaches make their way into houses searching for the four things they need to survive: food, water, shelter, and heat — so you’ll see that they’re more like us than any of us might like to admit. There are five varieties of roaches that you’re likely to find around Georgia. Let’s meet them:

● American Cockroach — The American Cockroach is the most common roach you’ll see around north Georgia, and these roaches are a chestnut light brown color. They’re active mostly and night, and you’re most likely to find them around areas that are damp and dark like basements or near water sources like pipes.
● Oriental Cockroach — The Oriental Cockroach ranges in color from black to cherry red, and you’ll most often see them at night. They usually thrive around the same places that the American Cockroach does, but chances are you won’t see them indoors.
● Asian Cockroach — The Asian Cockroach is a smaller roach that is tan in color. These roaches can fly, and they’re attracted to light and warmth. They stay outdoors most of the time, where they live under leaves or mulch or in tall grass. You usually won’t see them unless something has disturbed their habitat.
● Smokybrown Cockroach — The Smokybrown Cockroach is a red or dark cherry color. You’ll most likely find them in areas with lots of hardwood coverage, because they love the shelter and humidity that these trees offer. In addition to trees, you can find them in attics or crawl spaces. If you do find them inside, chances are they have laid eggs nearby. These are the most difficult roaches to get rid of.
● German Cockroach — The German Cockroach is another small roach, and these are tan with brown stripes. They live near water sources and love the warmth of appliances, and they live indoors. In larger numbers, these roaches can be unhealthy for children.

There are a few simple things that you can do to keep roaches away, and these preventative measures will go a long way.

● Declutter Your Space — Keep clutter like boxes, newspaper, magazines, and paper bags put up or thrown away. Roaches love clutter, so the more you can get rid of, the less they’ll have to get into.
● Close Up Your Pet Food — Roaches love the same stuff your four-legged family members do, so if you leave bags open, they consider it an invitation to dine. Seal the bags or buy containers to keep pet food in.
● Seal the Openings Around Your Home — Any cracks or crevices around the openings of your house can bring roaches in. Be sure to seal or caulk around pipes and any gaps or cracks around the house.
● Keep Your Dishes Clean and Put Away — Dirty or wet dishes in your sink or on your counter can attract roaches who are searching for food and water. Keep them washed, dried, and put away to avoid inviting roaches into your kitchen.
● Sweep or Vacuum Your Floors — Keep your floors clean and free of the crumbs that roaches love by vacuuming or sweeping regularly. Be sure to keep your vacuum bag emptied out as well.
● Get Rid of Water Sources — Water is one of the biggest attractants to roaches, so do away with that attraction by fixing leaky pies. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave water in your tubs or sinks.
● Clean Up Around Appliances — Roaches love the warmth and the crumbs around your appliances, so keep the areas around your appliances clean, including those hard to reach spaces behind them.

When the time comes to call an exterminator to rid your home of roaches, no matter where you live around Loganville or Monroe, give Pest Force a call. We’re your source for the best roach treatment and control in metro Atlanta.

The friendly and professional folks at Pest Force have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your roach problem. We understand construction and will put our knowhow to work to get rid of roaches. We’ll even move appliances and get behind them to make sure we eliminate all sources of roach infestation.

We’re always ready to handle your roach issues. From Athens to Atlanta, Pest Force is the name you can rely on to get rid of cockroaches and give you peace of mind.

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