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Tips For a Bug-Free Backyard in Georgia

A backyard is an ideal place for hanging out in the warmer Georgia months. It can be a great place for the family to play or to entertain guests. But nothing squashes a backyard hang-out time like bugs. Mosquitoes, ants, yellow jackets, and other bugs can ruin a good time. 

To keep your backyard bug free, keep in mind these helpful tips.

Remove Standing Water

Nothing attracts the bug population more than standing water in the yard. There are places in any yard that are more prone to puddles, such as beneath downspouts. Cleaning out these areas regularly can prevent standing water. Additionally, if you have any features, such as a bird bath or kiddie pool in the backyard, be sure to change out the water frequently to avoid a bug infestation.

Plant Pest-Proof Plants

Did you know that some types of plants will repel insects? Planting things like lemongrass, lavender, chrysanthemum, and marigolds could be a deterrent for bugs. Be sure to incorporate these plants into your backyard space to keep away those unwanted bugs.

Keep the Backyard Clean

Insets love making their home in debris, weeds, long grasses, and low-hanging foliage. In order to keep your yard bug free, it is best to keep it clean. Mowing and weeding regularly can help keep the bugs from the backyard. Trimming trees, bushes, and tall grasses can also help deter bugs from making their home in your yard. The cleaner the yard, the fewer bugs you will see.

Use Non-Toxic Products

There are many new nontoxic products on the market today that can help repel insects. For example, citronella oils or candles are a common household repellant for bugs. Simply set some citronella outside or light some candles when it’s time to entertain to keep the bugs away. Other options include essential oil sprays, whose scents will also be a turn-off for bugs. 

Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass are three common essential oil smells that bugs can’t stand. To keep the ants at bay, sprays such as vinegar and water or soap and water work wonders. Simply fill a water bottle and spray areas where ants are seen to deter them from returning.

Contact a Professional

No matter what you do to keep the bugs away, sometimes insects will still find their way into the backyard. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Leave it to the professional exterminators in Georgia to help fight backyard bug infestations. Our team of experts will work with you to find a safe solution to your bug problem. 

With a variety of treatment options, there is sure to be a choice that is right for you; from environmentally friendly, green sprays to regular treatment courses, there’s something for everyone to deal with those pesky bugs.  

Enjoy your backyard for playing or entertaining this summer and fall, and don’t let bugs ruin your relaxing, good time. Contact Pest Force exterminators to take care of the backyard bugs so you can continue enjoying your outdoor space. Call today to set up an appointment.  


How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Yard?

Mosquitoes are attracted to wet, moist areas. One of the main ways to keep mosquitoes out of the yard is to remove some of the moisture areas that they love. For instance, eliminate standing water in the yard by making sure drains are not clogged and are working properly, getting rid of anything that retains water, such as pots or toys in the backyard, or moving plants indoors that will often hold water in the soil. If you can’t remove standing water, then spread coffee grounds in the standing water. Mosquito eggs will rise to the surface and be deprived of oxygen so that they die before they can hatch.

Is There a Way to Keep Bugs Out of My Backyard Naturally?

Some bugs, such as mosquitoes, don’t like certain scents. You can plant herbs or place scents around the backyard, such as lemongrass, chrysanthemum, or citronella, that deter mosquitoes from wanting to live there. Epsom salt is another natural deterrent. Many exterminators also have environmentally friendly sprays or treatments that will keep bugs away without using harsh chemicals.

Why Are There So Many Bugs in my Backyard in the First Place?

Bugs are always looking for a place to live, a food source, and water. Any of these will be attractive to bugs and bring them to your backyard. Bugs are naturally drawn to garbage cans and uncovered food. They also like leaf litter, wood piles, and other debris. Cleaning up the backyard and keeping garbage cans covered can keep bugs from wanting to live in your yard.

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