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Are Bed Bugs Found in Retail Stores?

are bed bugs found in retail stores pest forceMore and more, bed bugs are being found in unexpected places, such as commercial buildings, including offices and even retail stores. Unfortunately, bed bugs are no longer just pests that invade homes or hotels. Businesses like furniture stores with mattresses and many hiding places are also at risk. Finding bed bugs can not only be a problem because they are hard to get rid of, but they can also be detrimental to your business. When customers hear the words “bed bugs,” it can cause them to run in the other direction, impacting the income for your store. For these reasons, it is imperative that you know what steps to take to prevent an infestation or address an infestation.  

Bed Bugs Are a Nuisance

What people hate most about bed bugs are usually the itchy, unpleasant bites they leave behind. Bed bugs search for carbon dioxide and heat from sleeping creatures, and then they prey on those people while they sleep, feeding on their blood. This can lead to red, raised welts that are not only itchy but can also be painful. But locating bed bugs and getting rid of them can be the difficult part. Bed bugs are very good at hiding in small crevices. 

However, they can be invisible to the naked eye. If you can’t see them, though, they do leave signs of their presence, such as shed exoskeletons, translucent eggs, or brown spots of fecal matter. However, even if you can spot an infestation, getting rid of it is another story altogether. Bed bugs are resistant to pesticides. A skilled pest professional with experience using many methods to get rid of bed bugs is the way to go to be sure bed bugs are gone from your retail store and stay gone for good.

What To Do About Bed Bugs in Retail Stores

Bed bugs are finding their way into retail stores in many ways, most of the time coming in on the belongings of customers or employees, whether it be their shoes, clothes, or personal belongings. Once inside, bed bugs begin to lay eggs and can multiply quickly. So what can you do about it? The most important thing retail store owners can do is first be aware of the ever-growing problem of bed bugs. Be sure to recognize signs of bed bugs and act quickly if you suspect a problem. 

Taking action is crucial to preventing a large infestation from occurring. Other things retail stores can do to combat the bed bug problem are to educate employees about signs, regularly monitor fitting rooms or seating areas for these pests, have a plan in place for if bed bugs are found, and have a professional pest control company you can turn to handle any bed bug problems that may occur.

If you are worried about bed bugs in your retail store, it’s important to be in contact with a trusted pest control professional. For more information about what we can do to ease your mind when it comes to bed bugs, contact PestForce today.


How Can Bed Bugs Be Treated Effectively?

One of the easiest things retail employees can do to help address the bedbug problem is to vacuum regularly. Vacuum not only floors but also any furniture and crevices. But to really be sure bed bugs and their eggs are gone for good, it’s best to use heat treatment. Bed bugs exposed to temperatures of 118 degrees or higher will die within a matter of minutes. At PestForce, we use heat treatment for extended periods of time to ensure a 100% mortality rate of bed bugs in any space.

Why Are Canines Used During Bed Bug Treatments?

It can be time-consuming for humans to search for bed bugs in a large space. Canines have an incredible sense of smell and can locate bed bugs within minutes of searching. For this reason, canines are used to sniff out bed bugs so that problem areas can be treated quickly and efficiently.

What Kind of Dog Can Detect Bed Bugs?

There are several types of breeds that are known for their noses. Beagles have a great sense of smell. Other types of breeds used for detecting bed bugs can include Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, or Belgian Shepherds. Each of these breeds has a strong sense of smell used for tracking bed bugs as well as other pests or wildlife.

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