Bed Bugs in GA

Are you worried about a bed bug infestation? You’re not alone.  Just hearing the words “bed bugs” is enough to make anyone cringe.  Bed bugs, once inside a home or place of business, can be extremely difficult to get rid of.  Like any type of pests, it can require the services of expert pest control companies.  If you suspect a bed bug infestation has begun in Monroe, Loganville, Winder, or Athens, GA, don’t hesitate to seek out bed bug treatment immediately.

Signs of Bed Bugs

There are many signs that bed bugs may be present in your space.  For one, you may notice bite marks on the body.  These bite marks will swell and itch.  But this alone won’t be a tell-tale sign of bed bugs, as mosquitoes or fleas also leave similar bites.  Another sign of bed bugs could be blood on mattresses.  Bed bugs are blood-sucking bugs and will leave traces of blood behind.  Blood spots will be very small, barely noticeable brown or black spots that will only be prevalent upon careful examination.  Strange odors can be another indication of bed bugs as they excrete an alarm pheromone as a defense mechanism.  This smell may be a strange, sweet odor that is unfamiliar.  Professional bed bug treatment is almost always required to rid these pests from places permanently, and a pest control company that specializes in bed bug treatment should be contacted at the first sign of the presence of bed bugs.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

At Pest Force, ridding spaces of bed bugs once and for all is a top priority in our service areas of Monroe, Loganville, Winder, and Athens, GA.  Our bed bug treatments are often added on to our regular pest treatments, and our methods are proven and effective.  Bed bug treatment includes not only bed bug detection and extermination, but also prevention from future infestations.  We offer organic bed bug treatments, chemical solutions, and heat treatment methods. We also offer a unique and efficient K9 detection program that helps us identify the source of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs in the home can be terrible, but bed bugs in places of hospitality such as hotels or other businesses can be devastating.  With our proven methods of treatment, our trained experts can locate and exterminate bed bugs from the premises, no matter how small or large the infestation is.


Pest Force pest control company ensures that bed bugs are gone for good. For more information about our pest control services in Monroe, Loganville, Winder, or Athens, GA, contact us today.