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5 Reasons Businesses Should Use a Pest Control Company to Treat Bed Bugs

If you are a commercial property owner worried about bed bugs, whether you have bed bugs or are worried about an infestation, then you should be using a professional pest control company. Bed bugs can devastate a business. Businesses in the hospitality industry, especially, can have a hard time bouncing back from a bed bug infestation, most notably ones that have to take into account customer satisfaction. For your commercial business, consider these top reasons why you should rely on a pest control company to treat bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Can Affect Anyone

The myth tends to be that commercial properties kept clean won’t have a bed bug problem, and that is false. No matter how much a commercial business is cleaned, bed bugs can still find their way in as hitchhikers on the clothing or personal objects of employees or customers. And once in, bed bugs can quickly become a huge problem. Bed bugs are good at hiding. They can find their way into any space only to be transported to and from buildings or businesses.

Pest Control Experts Can More Easily Identify Bed Bug Infestations

Because bed bugs are so sneaky and so good at hiding, identifying an infestation for anyone without experience or proper knowledge can be difficult. But pest control experts are just that, experts in identifying signs of bed bugs right away to treat the problem as soon as possible. An exterminator will know just where to look for bed bugs in carpet, furniture, or along baseboards. To locate an infestation, be sure to rely on the experts.

A Bed Bug Problem Can Spread Rapidly

Once bed bugs have entered a commercial business, they will multiply rapidly, quickly leading to an infestation. Just one bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in its lifetime, or 1 to 12 eggs a day. Multiply that by several bed bugs, and you can see how quickly the problem can spread. Additionally, bed bugs are resilient. They can survive in many climates and temperatures, from freezing cold temps to heat up to 122 degrees. They are difficult to kill. It is best left to the experts to take care of a bed bug problem first to be sure they don’t spread and then to be sure they are gone for good.

Protection of Property

Bed bugs aren’t just annoying; they can be destructive too. They can destroy anything from towels and sheets to mattresses, carpets, furniture, and everything in between. Replacing all of these items can add up, so it is the most cost-effective and better overall to address a bed bug problem right away before the dollar signs multiply.

Protect Your Reputation

Reputation is important in business, and you should protect yours at all costs. When word gets around of a bed bug infestation, it can do significant damage to a business’s reputation. For this reason, it is important to first have a professional pest professional inspect commercial businesses to catch any signs of bed bugs before they can become a problem or to have peace of mind that your property is free from bed bugs. Once a business has a reputation for having bed bugs, it can take time, possibly years, to restore your reputation once again. Keep your reputation intact by trusting your commercial business to the professionals.

For more information about professional pest services for your commercial business, reach out to PestForce today. We are here to help your business remain bed bug-free once and for all. Don’t hesitate to call us today! The sooner you call, the sooner your bed bug problem can be addressed, and you can return to what really matters, running your business efficiently and effectively.

Bed Bug FAQs

What Is the Number One Cause of Bed Bugs?

Really, the number one cause of bed bugs is the transportation of them into one’s home or business. This can happen in a variety of ways, from customers or family members bringing them home on clothes or belongings to bed bugs finding their way inside books or any other personal property. Once inside, bed bugs can quickly become a problem. That is why it is so important to trust your home or business to the experts at Pest Force to ensure a bed bug problem is eliminated quickly.

What Are the Top Hiding Spots For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are sneaky creatures that can hide anywhere. But they really love to hide in seams. This can be seams of mattresses, cushion covers, chairs, couches, or even curtain covers. Surprisingly, bed bugs can also hide in a variety of other places throughout rooms, such as in dresser joints, behind baseboards, in carpet, under wall hangings, or just about anywhere that would make a good hiding spot. Because we can’t know exactly where bed bugs love to hide, they can be difficult to locate. Professional pest experts know where to look and have techniques such as using canine dogs to sniff out bed bug hiding spots to ensure all bed bug infestations are found and removed.

What Attracts Bed Bugs?

While a popular myth states that bed bugs are attracted to dirt and grime, this simply isn’t true. Bed bugs are actually attracted to carbon dioxide, blood, and warmth, all things that people asleep in their beds can provide, which is one reason why bed bugs love beds so much. However, clutter around rooms can provide many hiding places for bed bugs and make them harder to locate, so decreasing clutter will help eliminate hiding spots for bed bugs, although it will not eliminate bed bugs altogether. For that, you will want to turn to a reliable exterminator. At Pest Force, our pes experts know just where to look for bed bugs and can locate them quickly to remove them from your home so you can have peace of mind once again that it is you and only you taking up space in your bed.

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