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Trust Ex Pest Force for Pest Control Near Monroe, GA & Surrounding Areas

Ex Pest Force llc provides pest control for homes & businesses from Athens to Atlanta, GA


Ben is the owner of Ex Pest Force and provides service to many of our customers!

You deserve peace of mind and a home that’s all your own. When you’re tired of cleaning up after mice or rats, or fighting fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, contact Ex Pest Force, LLC. Our exterminators are based in Monroe and Loganville, Georgia, and we proudly offer residential and commercial pest control services.

Prepare for an exodus of bothersome bugs

You successfully removed the rodents, but now you’re dealing with a swarm of mosquitoes. Don’t worry, Ex Pest Force provides affordable solutions for insect intrusions. Call (678) 243-0731 to learn more about our competitively priced packages. Our local extermination services include:



Additionally, our exterminators offer weed and vegetation management for local properties. Specializing in weed and brush removal from wooded acreage, fence-lines, and graveled areas. Just because it can’t crawl all over you doesn’t mean it’s not a pest. Spruce up your Monroe or Loganville, Georgia landscape with thorough pest control services.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate, 678-243-0731, info@pestforce.net