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Bed Bug k9 Detection

K9 Commercial Bed Bug Detection

Canine Program for Commercial Bed Bug Detection

If you are looking for a unique commercial bed bug program for your business, Pest Force is here with our nationally certified bed bug dogs. Our K9 team of bed bug detection dogs are specially trained and certified to hunt bed bugs and find their source. Trust Pest Force for an accurate and efficient K9 bed bug detection and elimination service!

Pest Force is the perfect fit for any industry!

The Pest Force team is well-equipped to handle the bed bug detection needs of a variety of industries. Whether you want hotel bed bug detection or hospitality bed bug detection, our team of certified canine program and trained pest technicians are here for you. Our K9’s will conduct a bed bug search on your entire property, and our technicians will help assess for bed bugs as well.

Our Commercial Bed Bug Detection
Services Cover

Cruise Ships
Military Bases
Coastal Areas
Healthcare Facilities
Hospitality Areas
HUD Homes
Semi-Truck Establishments

The Best Commercial Bed Bug Program

If you are noticing the telltale signs of bed bugs on your commercial property, then the first step you should take in ridding yourself of this infestation is with a K9 bed bug evaluation. By using a specially-trained K9 instead of a human exterminator, you can be sure that all bed bugs on your property will be found. The bed bug detection K9 team at Pest Force will serve as an organic bed bug solution, and will locate both the bed bugs and their eggs- even those undetectable to the human eye. If you are looking for an effective way to check for bed bugs and rid your business of an infestation, Pest Force is here to help with our specially trained and certified K9’s.

Our Current K9 Bed Bug Detection Force

Choose the canine program that works for you!

Quarterly Assessments

Our team will bring our bed bug detection dogs and equipment to your commercial location on a quarterly basis. We will conduct an in-depth inspection for bed bugs, and perform preventative methods to fight off the risk of an infestation.

Monthly Assessments

On a routine basis, our pest experts and K9 bed bug dogs will visit your property each month and perform an assessment and treatment service using specialized methods that you have pre-selected. We’ll always arrive on-time too!

Your Reliable K9 Bed Bug Detection Team

Does your business need a basic sweep for bedbugs? Are your tenants complaining about your hospitality bed bugs? Don’t wait to call in a professional! Pest Force can rid you of your problem in no time at all. After our bed bug dogs hunt and detect every pest on-site, our team will come in and perform a thorough extermination process as part of our bed bug treatment service protocol. We’ll even provide specialized solutions unique to your needs so that you can prevent bed bugs in the future.

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