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Battling Roof Rats in Georgia? Get the Upper Hand Today.

The Unseen Scourge: Why Roof Rats Are a Growing Concern in Georgia Homes


What are Roof Rats?

Roof rats, sometimes called “black rats” or “ship rats,” are a particular type of rodent that prefer high places like attics, trees, and yes—you guessed it—roofs. Unlike their ground-loving cousins, these rats are expert climbers and can easily find their way into your home through openings in the roof or even by using overhanging tree limbs. In Georgia, roof rats have become a significant issue due to the state’s humid climate, which provides an ideal environment for these pests.


Why You Should Be Concerned

Roof rats aren’t just a nuisance; they can also cause real damage and health risks. They’re known for gnawing through electrical wires, which can lead to fires, and they can also contaminate your food and living spaces with their droppings. Plus, roof rats are known carriers of various diseases. In Georgia, where the problem is especially prevalent, it’s crucial to take immediate action if you suspect you have a roof rat infestation.

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How do you get rid of rodents?

Rats, mice and other rodents invade your home looking for food, shelter and water. You can help keep rodents away by controlling food sources, including keeping pet food properly sealed. In addition, avoid leaving food and dirty dishes out, store food properly in sealed containers, empty your garbage cans nightly, and clean crumbs off kitchen counters. While maintaining proper home hygiene is a good start to help keep rodents at bay, you may have exterior entry points that you aren’t aware of where these pests keep getting in. Pest Force mice and rat exterminators are trained to find those entry points and properly seal them off.