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Cockroach Extermination In Monroe & Loganville, GA

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living in the south certainly has its benefits. the tea is sweeter, the people are nicer, and the sun shines brighter. however, humans are not the only ones who love to call the south home. cockroaches are a big problem all over the southeast, and georgia is definitely no exception. they come for the water in your drains and stay for the food in your cupboards. these disease-carrying roaches can become a huge problem for your home and your family, so it is imperative that you get an expert on the job right away.

pest force has you covered if your monroe or loganville, ga area home has been recently infested by roaches. our cockroach extermination services are thorough, reasonably priced, and you won’t ever have to sign a contract. our technicians have a vast knowledge of home construction and maintenance which is invaluable when it comes to effective treatment. moving appliances when needed and understanding construction allows for the best and most effective treatment.
Whether you are dealing with just a few cockroaches or a full-blown infestation, they can harm you and your family’s health in the following ways:
Adults and children with asthma can be severely affected by roaches in the home. cockroach allergens have been proven to cause very serious, and in some cases life-threatening, complications to those with asthma.
Rashes and other allergic reactions are common in people who have roaches in their home.
Cockroaches can contaminate your food and other household items by leaving feces, hair, eggs and dead skin behind.
Roaches commonly carry harmful bacteria in their guts, and provide the perfect environment for it to multiply and spread throughout your home.

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simply put, pest force kills bugs. if you’ve recently discovered cockroaches or any other unwanted pest in your home, call us right away for pest control services. call today for a free quote!
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