Serving Athens to Atlanta

Serving Athens to Atlanta

Ground Force

Brush & Weed Management In Monroe, Loganville, GA & Surrounding Areas

Request Your Free Weed And Brush Control Estimate From Pest Force Today.

Did you know weeds are also considered pests? This is according to the Department of Agriculture. By removing weeds / brush / vegetation you can reduce harborage areas for unwanted critters & snakes! Additionally, management of unruly growth will reduce breeding sites for pesky mosquitoes and other insects.

Ground Force, division of Pest Force, proudly offers weed and vegetation management throughout Northeast Georgia. Here are a few pictures of the ways we control brush in Loganville, GA and surrounding areas!
Homeowners with graveled areas
Homeowners with large ornamental beds / wooded acreage
Neighborhoods or HOA’s with retention ponds
Neighborhoods or HOA’s with a shared play space
Business owners with graveled lots
Business owners with fence lines
Business owners with large ornamental beds / wooded acreage

Weed Management Services From A Proven Exterminator

Did you know that unmanaged vegetation can attract and allow the growth of bugs and unwanted animals? Fortunately, Ground Force, can kill the weeds & prevent vegetation re-growth which will not only make your land more attractive, acreage more usable space, but will also reduce pesky critters and insects on your property! Win, Win, Win!

If you’re a local homeowner, business owner, or HOA CALL Ben (678) 243-0731 to schedule a free quote. Our extermination team uses a mix of herbicides that will do anything you need.
Killing weeds but not grass
Preventing regrowth
Treating around lakes / ponds / streams
Maintaining fence lines
Controlling retention ponds
Killing all brush
Preventing weed growth in gravel
Managing wooded beds / wooded land

Pest Force’s Herbicide Treatments Are On Your Side

You carefully selected plants for your landscape, so we’ll dutifully protect them from weeds. Using our preferred herbicide treatment, Pest Force exterminators will:
Prevent future weed growth on your Monroe or Loganville, GA and surrounding areas
Control unruly vegetation in wooded acreage
Improve the aesthetic appeal of your land and kill preexisting weeds
Keep gravel lots, simply that. Gravel. Free from weeds and grass
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