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Winter Weather Effects

How Does Winter Weather Affect Pest Problems?

It’s a typical Georgia winter: it may be cold for a few days, but a warm up can come right after it. We alternate between wet and dry weather all winter long, too. You might be wondering how the weather affects the pests that can plague your home in metro Atlanta. The short answer is that different pests have different responses to weather, so when you’re dealing with a Southern winter that can bring just about any type of conditions, you should always be on the lookout for pests.

How Pests React to Cold Weather

Insects are cold-blooded animals, so they can adapt to different temperatures. You might think that many insects die, but that’s not necessarily the case. Many species of insects become dormant when the temperature gets below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Insects have a sort of built-in antifreeze in their bodies that cause them to slow down and cease activity when the temperature drops close to or below freezing. While some insects go underground and others migrate further south for the winter, most of the pests we see just go dormant throughout the winter months.

Colder weather does slow the reproduction rates of insects, so you won’t see as many as a result. Even though many insects don’t reproduce as much in the wintertime, some species hibernate with their eggs which will be ready to hatch in the spring. Bees, yellowjackets, and wasps lay dormant in trees and under wood piles and stacks of other organic material.

Stretches of mild weather in the winter may be a nice break for you and your family, but they don’t change the game for pests all that much. Insects love mild weather — and when springtime rolls around, they come back to life — but they won’t move as much unless the weather stays mild for a sustained period of time. Winter winds can benefit pests when your home sustains wind damage, because pests can find more ways into your house.

The Pests that Don’t Mind the Cold

The one glaring exception to the rule of dormant insect populations in the wintertime is cockroaches. That’s right: those pesky roaches who everybody says can survive a nuclear holocaust can survive and even thrive through the winter months, so you’re likely to see them all year long. One of the worst things about roaches is that they carry diseases, and the same diseases they carry can affect people differently in the winter when more people get sick anyway.

Rodents generally don’t take the winter off either. They spend the colder months looking for a warm place with plenty of food to nest throughout the season, and houses just like yours are perfect candidates for a winter rodent home. Rodents carry diseases and can do damage to your home all year long.

Termites can burrow into, under, and through the wood in your home throughout the winter as well. Even when the weather is cold, they can do damage to the structure of your home.

What About Rain, Snow, or Ice?

Pests love water, so the species that don’t go dormant react to wet weather much like they do when it’s mild or warm. Termites especially love rainy weather, so they’ll become slightly more active when the ground and your home are damp. Cockroaches go on the move when the weather is wet as well.

We don’t get much snow here in the South, but when it does snow, a blanket of snow can act like a layer of insulation for the insects that are in the ground, especially if the temperature hovers close to freezing. If we get one of those rare, sustained snows, insects can benefit from the protection that snow on the ground offers. Ice can do damage to your home that can give pests a way in, so be on the lookout for ice that doesn’t melt within a day or two.

A Pest Control Solution You Can Trust

The best way to deal with pest issues throughout the winter no matter where you live in the area around Loganville and Monroe is to count on the professionals. When you call Pest Force, you can trust us to put our years of expertise to work for you.

The friendly and knowledgeable folks at Pest Force will tailor solutions fit your needs. Our methods are as good for the planet as they are for your home, so you can count on us without having to worry. We’re your best option for quality and affordable pest control in metro Atlanta.

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