Venomous Spiders in Georgia

Spiders shouldn’t be scary, though we know you aren’t thrilled when you see them in and around your house. They are great for controlling the bug population, and in most cases, they are totally harmless.

Actually, there are only 3 venomous spiders in Georgia and we are here to show you how to identify them.  By being able to identify the bad guys should give you peace of mine and confidence in dealing with spiders in a positive way in the future.

#1 The Black Widow

This spider is likely the most known of these 3 spiders and is, by far, the easiest to identify.  It has a round abdomen and is mostly black. It has a red or orange hourglass shape on its underside, and the full-grown females are about 1.5 inches. Males are about half the size, and they don’t bite at all. Only the females will bite people, and they actually kill male Black Widows often, giving them their name. If you see one of these spiders, it’s best to steer clear.

# 2 The Brown Widow

Until recently, Georgian’s only had to keep an eye out for the black widow, but now her pesky cousin has traveled north from Florida and now resides in the Peach State. This venomous spider is a cousin to the black widow and as you’d expect, it is mostly brown with a red or orange hourglass shape on its underside. Although its venom is much more potent than the black widow, the brown widow secretes a smaller amount when it bites, making it less dangerous than the black widow. Although it’s less dangerous than the black widow, you still want to avoid a close encounter with the brown widow. 

# 3 The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is a little trickier to identify because it can look similar to other spiders. It is often mistaken for the common house spider, the wolf spider, and the hobo spider. The main characteristic you will see on a brown recluse is the violin shape of its body. If you get close enough to a brown recluse, you will see that it has only 6 eyes in the shape of a U, instead of 8 eyes like most spiders. A brown recluse is about the size of a quarter, and if you see one, it’s best to just move away.


All three make the top ten list of the world’s most venomous spiders, but they really aren’t that scary! Yes, they can bite you and it may hurt. But none of these three spiders are exceptionally aggressive, meaning that if it doesn’t have a good reason to bite you, it most likely won’t. And even if it does bite you, most bites heal within just a few week with very minor side effects.

We hope this takes some of the fear away when it comes to spiders in and around your home. Remember, knowledge is power. But at the same time, we understand that it isn’t especially enjoyable having these little creatures in your living space. If you’re ready to be rid of spiders of all kinds, give pest force a call today and add peace and security to your home! Protect your loved ones and home from all insects, spiders, termites, rats, and more with the expert services of Pest Force. Call us now at 678-243-0731.

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