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Winter Weather Effects

How Does Winter Weather Affect Pest Problems? It’s a typical Georgia winter: it may be cold for a few days, but a warm up can come right after it. We alternate between wet and dry weather all winter long, too. You might be wondering how the...

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Turkey Full & Pest Free

This time of year is so special because you gather with family and friends and express your gratitude. Maybe you want to see loved ones whom you haven’t seen in a while — especially in this year of lockdowns and quarantines. Maybe you’re...

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Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me!

Nobody likes flies. Not only are they a nuisance all over Georgia, but they also can be some of the dirtiest and most disgusting of all pests. Flies are attracted to all sorts of hazardous material, which means they can carry germs from the items...

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