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You’ve just climbed into bed after an exhausting day, and then you hear it – the pitter-patter of tiny paws on your wooden floorboards. Unnerved, you switch on the light and come face to face with a rat. You shriek. It scatters. Nobody in your house gets any rest.

Pest Force can stop the sleepless nights in Loganville & Monroe, Georgia. Contact our service oriented exterminators for prompt service at a fair and reasonable price. If you have a simple project, we can provide pricing over the phone. With no hidden contracts or fees, you’ll love Loganville & Monroe, GA’s preferred pest control company.


 Don’t wait until child or grandchild gets attacked by fire-ants! Pest Force provides ant treatment which will control and prevent ants & ant mounds in your yard.  Typically treatment is applied in Spring and Summer and is extremely effective! 

Call Pest Force at (678)243-0731 for residential pest control in Georgia. Turn to a preferred exterminator today.

  • Monthly Preventative Routine Pest Control
  • Quarterly Preventative Routine Pest Control
  • Rodent (rats, mice) control and prevention
  • Mosquito treatments
  • Ant and mound yard treatments
  • Flea and tick control
  • Home exterior sealing/exclusion


Take preventive measures to protect your home from critters. Ask about our packages today!

Commercial Pest Control in Loganville & Monroe, GA

Professional pest control & extermination services

Providing pest control service for commercial properties in Loganville Georgia and surrounding areas.


Anna in marketing found a few ants under her desk – now the whole office is panicking. Are there more bugs on the loose? Who let them in? How soon will they be gone? Put an end to office infestations when you call Pest Force at (678) 243-0731. Our commercial pest control services keep businesses safe and pest free in Monroe Loganville, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

A Pest Force exterminator will quickly visit your site and assess potential entry points. Then, you’ll receive a free treatment estimate. Whether your pest problem is simple or complex, you can contact Pest Force for immediate advice. Keep your employees focused on their work – not on the invading pests.

3 reasons your office is plagued with pests

You might have an office-wide insect issue if:

1. Employees aren’t storing their snacks in airtight container

2. You don’t have a reliable pest control group

3. A nest or mound hasn’t been properly treated

Ask the Pest Force experts about mosquito, ant and rodent treatments for your Monroe, Georgia or surrounding area office. We’ll remove every trace of those annoying pests ASAP.

Providing Pest Control to Businesses from Athens to Atlanta, GA.

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