Pest Control Loganville Ga

Pest Control Loganville Ga

Pest Force offers unsurpassable pest control in Loganville, GA. We specialize in flea and tick control, ant and mound yard treatments, mosquito treatments, and rodent control, among other services.

What are the methods of pest control?

Pests can disrupt day to day living and pose a severe health hazard to you and your family members. Some of the commonly used methods to eliminate pests include:

  • Organic pest control - Organic pest control is a safe and chemical-free way to eliminate insects in your house. Organic methods make use of traps and baits to eliminate pests. An organic, cost-effective, and biodegradable compound called Sodium fluoroacetate is highly poisonous and is often used to control pests. Besides, oil sprays, insecticidal soap, and parasitic nematodes are some of the other organic pest controls.
  • Biological control - This method uses natural enemies of an insect or parasite to hinder and stop pests' from breeding. Several useful insects also help with eliminating pests by feeding on a pest's larvae. It is the safest method to kill pests without causing any harm to the environment or other living organisms. However, the success of this process largely depends on proper conditions and the type of species used to attack a pest.
  • Chemical Pesticides - Chemical pesticides can be hazardous, cause pollution to the air, water, land, and also be harmful to human beings and other living organisms. These are the most potent, strong, and definite way to kill insects, bacteria, and other pests.

Our pest control in Loganville, GA, is 100% environmentally safe and does not cause any harm to your pets or family members. After years and years of experience in pest control, we develop our pest control products inhouse to offer the best results.

Ways to eliminate rats

Rats can destroy your home spaces, feed on your food, destroy crops, and carry contagious diseases. If you want to eliminate rats, start by hunting for rat droppings in and around your kitchen and dining areas. Another way to spot rat territories is to follow greasy trails on your floors or chew marks on your couch or cabinets. Use glue traps or catch and release traps, to catch the rodent. After which you can take it to a remote location far away from your home and set it free.

Besides, make sure to seal any cracks, openings, or holes in your house. Store food in tightly sealed containers and make sure to clean up your kitchen and dining areas after cooking or eating every meal. Lastly, fix any water leaks in pipes and faucets in your home and use garbage bins with tight lids.

Tips to prevent pests

Maintain proper hygiene in and around your house. Eliminate any stagnant waters around your house as these become the breeding grounds for most pests. Make sure to clean your gutters and sewers regularly. Take preventative measures by scheduling pest control services once every three months.

Contact Pest Force today for more information on our pest control treatments and services. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians offers the best pest control in Loganville, GA.

Pest Control Loganville Ga
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