Natural Pest Control In Loganville & Monroe, GA

4 Natural Pest Control Tips

I am a proud mom of 3 wild and crazy kiddos. I understand the importance of safety within the home, which is why our pest control company  was founded on the core principals of both safety and effectiveness.  We encourage preventative methods of pest control and natural approaches when preferred by the customer.  If you, like many, would like to first approach pest problems naturally consider these 4 ideas…

  1. Set out a small container of apple cider vinegar to trap fruit flies
  2. Bring your basil plants inside – flies are repelled by the fragrance
  3. Swab visible ant entry points with tea tree oil
  4. Spritz your home with a vinegar spray to mask ants’ scent trails

When in doubt, request monthly pest control services from the Monroe, Loganville, and Athens Georgia experts. We understand the importance of safety within the home and we are prepared to treat your pest issues effectively.

CALL EX PEST FORCE AT 678-243-0731. As always we offer, “100% Happy or YOU DON’T PAY A PENNY… GUARANTEED!” PROUDLY SERVING Loganville GA, Monroe GA, and surrounding areas.

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