Stink Bug & Pest Control: Loganville & Monroe, GA
How To Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home in Loganville & Monroe Georgia

How To Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home in Loganville & Monroe Georgia

Tips to Help with Stink Bug Control

Two things no one wants around, STINK or BUGS. So here are a few helpful tips to keep your home stink-bug free.

BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW… Most people know that if you squish a stink bug you’ll regret it. These bugs got there name for the foul odor produced when killed or threatened.

But you may not know that if you squish a stink bug IT DOES NOT ATTRACT OTHER STINK BUGS. Some sources actually state the opposite effect occurs. If you kill a stink bug outdoors, the stench actually keeps others away.



1. Do not squash. You can vacuum them up but be aware your vacuum can start to smell. Another option is to fill a mason jar with rubbing alcohol and lead the little guys into your jar. The solution kills and preserves the bug so if you are a bug geek, like me, it’s an extra bonus.

2. Stink Bugs in Loganville & Monroe, GA are attracted to light and warmth! So you can easily create a trap using a desk lamp and a bucket filled with hot water and dawn. The light attracts and the soapy water traps them.

3. SEAL, CAULK, SEAL, CAULK. When the weather cools these guys look for warmth to hibernate. To stop them from hibernating in your house seal up all cracks and crevices. When they do find a safe place to camp out during winter, they actually secret a scent that attracts others to the “safe zone!” So when one is in your house and feels secure you will likely have a much bigger issue!

4. Stink bugs are attracted to plants so if you live around woods or have a garden you may have more issues with these fun critters. Also if you have houseplants you may notice them congregating around them indoors. To balance this effect you could try planting things that deter the stink bug such as marigolds, chrysanthemum, tansy, catnip, garlic, lavender, thyme, or mint. Essential oils will also do the trick. Mix essential oil (peppermint is a good one but any will work) and water in a spray bottle and spray around house plants and entry ways. Stink bugs are not fond of strong scents.

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