Do You Really  Need Termite Protection in Georgia?

If you’ve never had a termite infestation in your home, it’s easy to wonder whether you really need protection against these notorious little bugs. It’s something that you think you can overlook if you’ve never had to deal with termite damage.

But before you conclude that termite protection isn’t for you, here are some facts to consider:

Every year, around 600,000 homes in the United States have a termite problem.

One small termite colony can eat an entire 2”x4” in just five months.

Every year, termites do roughly $5 billion in damage across the country.

If those numbers are too big to wrap your head around, think about it this way: the average cost of an instance of termite damage to a single-family home is $3,000.

Of course, the cost of termite damage depends on lots of factors, like the extent of the damage and where the damage has taken place. Those with decks, porches, or stairways can have termite damage with no external signs.

Just think about what your family could do with $3,000. That’s a vacation. Or improvements to your house or yard. Or a good chunk of money in the kids’ college funds.

Add to the expense the fact that your homeowner’s insurance usually won’t cover termite damage, and you have to ask: how can you afford not to have termite protection?

Protection That Pays for Itself

Termite damage isn’t just expensive – it can also do structural damage to your home. There’s no need to gamble on termite infestations and damage when you can have termite protection for a fraction of the cost of correcting a termite issue. Quality protection can also fill in the gap that your homeowner’s insurance leaves by not covering for termite damage. Additionally, many people won’t purchase a home without termite coverage and a thorough termite inspection, so having it is in your best interest in a number of different ways.

Your home is your greatest investment, and guarding against termites can prevent you from paying thousands of dollars out of pocket to repair your house. For the best termite protection in Athens, Loganville, Monroe, Winder, and all of northwest Georgia, call Pest Force.

What Does Pest Force Do for You?

When you call us at Pest Force, we’re going to provide you a complete termite service at a price you can afford. Our solution includes the following:

  • Termite Inspection – We’ll do a complete inspection of your property looking for signs of current or prior termite activity and damage. We’ll look indoors and out using our expertise and experience to ensure there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Bait Stations – We’ll install bait stations in the ground around the perimeter of your home if we determine a need for them.
  • Monitoring – We’ll consistently monitor your bait stations to ensure against further termite infestations.
  • Annual Inspections – We’ll inspect your house for termites and other pests every year for no additional charge.
  • Monthly Payment Plan- We make it easy to budget for termite control by offering monthly payment plans for whatever termite services you need.

Our termite solutions are as good for the rest of the environment as they are for your home, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemical treatments. Trust Pest Force for effective green termite treatments in Monroe, Loganville, & the surrounding areas.

Peace of Mind Is Worth the Investment

Protecting your home means taking care of your most treasured investments. Termite protection with Pest Force helps keep your home safe and free of damage. A termite-free home is a wise and worthwhile investment that is sure to save you money in the long run. Pest Force can help you achieve the peace of mind you’re looking for, so give us a call today at 678-243-0731.