Flea Management Tips: Loganville & Monroe, GA
Flea Management in Loganville and Monroe, GA

Flea Management in Loganville and Monroe, GA

Top Tips for Flea Management

It’s about that time! The past few springs/summers in Monroe & Loganville, GA have been bombarded with fleas so here are Pest Force’s “4 HOW TO” tips to best prevent & control fleas this summer. Do these few things and you will NOT have a flea problem this year.


  1. Get flea medicine for animal friends, get the good stuff! In my opinion, the most effective but budget friendly option is the Seresto Collar (ordered mine from amazon).  Make sure the collar is pretty snug, only 1 finger should slide under collar.  Collar will last about 8 months so put it on in March and when it is no longer effective, colder weather will be in GA so you will get a years worth of flea protection.   Put the collar on your pets in Spring and you will be good for the year

2. Wash pets with DAWN regularly
(The Dawn suffocates & kills the fleas and will give your pets some immediate relief!)

3. Vacuum & wash sheets/ blankets frequently
(This will help remove fleas and eggs from reproducing & hatching)

4. If needed, Flea treatments work wonders!  Applications are needed about every 4-6 weeks.

*Give us a call/text if you would like a flea/tick treatment around Walton County or surrounding areas!


(Ideally it is best to prevent flea infestations but if they sneak up on you, we can provide immediate relief!)
*****If you do not treat the source (YOUR PETS), you will continue to have fleas! Effective animal flea treatment is essential!*****


Your Bug Family- Ex Pest Force, llc

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