Top Tips for Flea Management

The past few springs and summers in Monroe and Loganville, GA have been bombarded with fleas. Whether you’re a pet owner or not, fleas can quickly become a problem in and around your home. A big part of flea management is getting ahead of these pesky bugs. Taking preventative measures before you see fleas is definitely helpful, and you can also use these tips if you’ve seen a few fleas around. Here at Pest Force, we are pest experts and have seen just about everything possible when it comes to bugs and pests in northwest Georgia. That being said, here are Pest Force’s best tips for flea management this summer.  

  1. Get flea medicine for your animal friends, and get the good stuff! Flea management, particularly in pets, is not an area where you can afford to be cheap. In our opinion, one of the most effective but budget-friendly options is the Seresto Collar.  Make sure the collar is pretty snug with only 1 finger able to slide under it.  This collar will generally last for about 8 months, so put it on in March and when it is no longer effective around October, colder weather will be moving in and your pets should be fine without it. If this isn’t a great option for you, talk to your vet or other animal-loving friends about their experiences and recommendations.
  2. Wash pets with Dawn dish soap regularly. The Dawn suffocates & kills the fleas and will give your pets some immediate relief if they’re dealing with fleas. Do this as a preventative measure even when you haven’t seen fleas, and definitely do it right away if you see or suspect fleas on your animals.

  3. Vacuum your home regularly, especially areas with high foot traffic and those near doors and windows. Additionally, wash sheets and blankets frequently, as this will help remove fleas and eggs from reproducing & hatching if they’re already present.

  4. If you do have a flea problem or are struggling to maintain a flea-free home, flea treatments work wonders! You can contact the flea management experts at Pest Force now and schedule flea treatments. Applications are typically needed about every 4-6 weeks, and they can be done for as long as you need them. Some people will have us come out a few times in the spring and a few times in the summer, while others will have us come out just once at the beginning of the warm season.

If you would like a flea treatment and you live in Loganville, Monroe, Athens, Winder, or anywhere near Walton County, give Pest Force a call at 678-243-0731 and we’ll get you on the schedule as soon as possible.

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