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While having just a few ants in your home may not seem like a big deal, you can be certain that many more are to come soon. The typical ant colony is around 100,000 strong, and if you see a few in your home, it is likely that you will have a full infestation shortly.

Ants carry bacteria on their bodies and often contaminate food in U.S. homes. Few species are known to transmit viral infections or disease, but because they crawl on the ground, as well as counter-tops and in pantries, ants can definitely spread germs from one place to another.

Pest Force offers ant extermination to home and business owners in Monroe, Loganville, GA and surrounding areas. If you see signs on an infestation, make the call right away and get a professional on the job. We shoot to exceed your expectations, and the bottom line is: We kill bugs.

Have you or your child been attacked by ants or fire ants while playing outside? Unfortunately, pain can be quite the motivator. We offer ant control service to lawns, yards and acreage and it is extremely effective! Typically treatment is only needed 2 x a year in Spring and Summer. Call now to prevent yourself, kids, and grand babies from needless ant bites in Loganville, Monroe, GA and surrounding areas!

How Can I Prevent Future Ant Problems?

The best way to prevent ants from entering your home is to focus on their points of entry and motivation factors. to lower your chances of being infested again, take the following steps:
Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, food residue on counters, or crumbs on the floor.
Trim back vegetation that is physically touching the exterior of your house. your landscaping is an ideal environment for ants, and you don’t want to make it easier for them to transition inside.
If you see common entryways that ants are getting in through, apply some tea tree oil to those areas.
Home exterior sealing/exclusion

If ant problems persist, it is best to have ex pest force, llc perform monthly pest control services on your monroe or loganville, ga property. call today for a free quote and receive 10% off any service if you mention the website!

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