4 Ways to Control Flies in Northwest Georgia

Having flies in and around your home is a complete nuisance. They are gross and frustrating, and they can be very hard to get rid of. Fly control is a fine art, in our humble opinion, but we quite experienced and successful with our tried and true tactics. In addition to taking advantage of our professional fly control services, take these four tips into account to minimize the instances of flies in and around your home.

  1. Reduce breeding sites around your home.  The primary places for flies to breed include on pet feces and trash cans.  When possible, clean up after your pets in the yard and clean and empty outdoor trash cans frequently.

  2. Utilize bug lights with sticky boards. Commercial kitchens use these all the time, and they are very effective. Even for the residential homeowner, these lights can be extremely helpful when it comes to fly control. Although sometimes bug lights with sticky boards can be pricey and a bit complicated to install, there are some affordable options that will not require hiring an electrician. If you do choose to use a bug light, make sure to turn off all other lights at night so that the flies are drawn solely to the bug light. 

  3. To keep fly control in check inside your home, take inside trash out regularly, get rid of extra ripe fruit quickly, and install or double check the seals on window screens. Additionally, basic housekeeping is an important part of effective fly control, as is keeping doors and windows shut as often as possible.

  4. Essential oils can be a great way to conquer fly control problems. Flies aren’t fond of strong smells, so essential oils will go a long way.  Use a diffuser that emits the oil scent in areas where flies are the most prevalent, such as near doors or windows. You can also mix certain oils with water and spray doorframes and around windows to discourage flies from hanging around. Oils like lavender, peppermint, orange, and patchouli have proven especially effective when it comes to fly control.

If you have a fly control problem, give Pest Force a call.  We are dedicated to excellent service at a fair and reasonable price, and we offer a number of pest control services for in and around your northwest Georgia home. We provide services in Monroe, Athens, Loganville, Winder, Atlanta, and more.

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