Brush & Weed Management in Monroe & Loganville, GA

Ex Pest Force manages weeds and brush, removes weeds from wooded acreage, gravel lots & fence-lines In Monroe, Loganville GA and surrounding areas

Weed management services from a proven exterminator

Did you know that unruly vegetation can attract bugs? Those vines that snake up and down your walls provide an easy access point for creepy crawlies. Fortunately, Ex Pest Force provides weed and vegetation management for the Monroe, Loganville, Georgia community and surrounding areas.

If you’re a local homeowner, call (678) 243-0731 to schedule plot clearing and weed removal. Our extermination team uses selective herbicide treatments that won’t harm your trees. If you’re a commercial property owner, you, too, can benefit from Ex Pest Force services. Let us keep fence lines and graveled areas free of invasive species.

Ex Pest Force’s herbicide treatments are on your side

You carefully selected plants for your landscape, so we’ll dutifully protect them from weeds. Using our preferred herbicide treatment, Ex Pest Force exterminators will:

  • Prevent future weed growth on your Monroe or Loganville, GA and surrounding areas
  • Control unruly vegetation in wooded acreage
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of your land and kill preexisting weeds
  • Keep gravel lots, simply that. Gravel.  Free from weeds and grass
  • Keep fence lines free from damaging weeds and vines

Request your free weed and brush control estimate from Ex Pest Force today.

Ex Pest Force manages weeds and brush in wooded acreage, gravel lots, and fence lines throughout Walton county and surrounding areas