Rodent Control in Loganville, GA

Rodents (rats, mice, squirrels) carry parasites & disease.  According to the CDC there are 26 various diseases that are transmitted directly or indirectly by rodents!                                                                        ( ) Ugg! These diseases and parasites can be transmitted through contaminated food, saliva, excretion of their urine and feces. Additionally, disease can be spread via ticks/mites/fleas who fed off an infected rodent.

To keep your home and family safe it is important to keep mice, rats, squirrels out of your sacred space.  I have put together a list of 3 tips to help prevent and control rodents from entering  your Monroe or Loganville, GA home…

  1. Prevention!
  • Outdoor Cats. Cats are wonderful! Especially when they live outdoors and help keep rodents away.  Cats, keep rodents away which will then keep snakes away. Double win!
  • Lawn Maintenance: Keep shrubs, bushes, trees trimmed and away from structure and roof. Rodents use shrubbery as a bridge to access your homes exterior.
  • Basic House & Yard Keeping: Don’t keep food laying around, take out the trash timely, sweep, etc.
  1. Identify the common entry points of rodents into your house and seal up all access points.
  • Remember to assess your attic. This space is overlooked regularly but is often an entry for rodents.
  1. Set traps: Snap traps are easy to use and peanut butter makes an excellent bait!

If you are having trouble with mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents and prefer to have a professional remove, control, and prevent rodents in your home, then we believe we are the best company to help get your home rodent free.  Our goal is to remove all rodents from your home and continue to keep it free of rats, mice, squirrels.  If you live in Loganville, Monroe, GA, or surrounding areas and choose to use us to help solve your problem, here is what you can expect…

Initially, Ex Pest Force will control the problem by setting various type traps to catch current house guests as well as installing 1-way exits at potential entry points.  This allows rodents to leave but will not allow re-entry. Once your situation is controlled and rodents have been removed, we will do a thorough assessment of possible entry points and discuss exclusion or rodent seal up options with the homeowner.  If a seal up or exclusion is decided on we will seal all possible entry points and we always provide a 1 year guarantee of our work. We are committed to exceed expectations and we work hard to make this happen.  We provide service from Atlanta, GA to Athens, GA.

You can call or text Ben at 678-243-0731 to set up an appointment or ask advice!